Meet Ramapriya

Bliss Absolute: Body, Mind and Spirit

I am passionate about yoga and would love to share my passion with you and help realise the greatest physical and physiological benefit from your practice. 

​Initially, like many others I was led to yoga to stay fit and feel physically better especially with a family history of health issues. Having spent 15 years attending a regular weekly class with a Sivananda instructor, I felt it was time to further my practice and I attended the teaching training course offered by the Sivananda Centre, London.

After an insightful and amazing course and on-going interactions with like-minded people I would be privileged to share my experiences with you.

I have found that my daily practice has helped me to better manage stress in my working life, brought about positive mental health and helped with keeping my physical body flexible.

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All About Ramapriya Yoga

Asanas, Breath and Mind

My personal practice and day-day living is fundamentally based on the Five Points of Yoga. My classes incorporate the Sivanda-style of yoga and teach the first 3 elements of the Five Points of Yoga (Breathing, Asanas and Relaxation).

In addition to these 3 elements I can provide you with additional instruction on Proper Diet and Positive Thinking / Meditation. The choice is yours as to the level you wish to take your yoga practice to.

​ Pranayama (proper breathing): each class begins with Kapalabhati (Abdominal Breathing) and Anuloma Viloma (Alternate Nostril Breathing). These breathing exercises increase the capacity of the lungs, stimulate blood circulation and help balance the nervous system.


Asanas (proper exercise): the 12 classic asanas are taught through each class. Variations are provided to provide both beginners and more advanced students make the most of their practice. Practice is a very personal and individual. You need to appreciate and tune-into your body; physical and mental. An asana which you can do in full pose one day may not be possible the next. Listen to your body and appreciate its capabilities at that one moment in time. Over time you will start to notice small changes in your physical and mental being.


Savasana (relaxation): Deep relaxation works on three levels: physical, mental and spiritual. During deep relaxation at the end of a yoga class, the body uses only enough vital energy (prana) to maintain vital metabolic activities. The rest of the energy gained during practice is stored